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FIBERGATE SOLUTIONS PTE. LIMITED. is a leader manufacture various product of information and communication solutions for Networking Routers, optical communication technology, fibre optic cable assemblies, fibre optic cables, tools, test and measurement consumables, accessories and related products.  Our team is a group of senior talented individuals who strive to make a difference. We are dedicated to developing new technologies for future applications.


A triple-play network is one in which voice, video and data are all provided in a single access subscription. The most common applications are Telephony, community antenna television (CATV) and high-speed Internet service. The transmission medium may be fiber optic, conventional cable ("copper") or satellite.
Fusion Splicing is a preferred way to join two fibers together by using heat. Whether the fiber was broken or not long enough, a fusion splicer will make your job easier. Splicing fiber optic cable is a fairly simple procedure. Prepared fiber ends are placed in the splicer and automatically aligned and then fused together. This method ensures greater reliability with less light being scattered or reflected back by the splice and with the splice itself being as strong as the original optical fiber.
Testing fiber optic components and cable plants requires making several measurements with the most common measurement parameters listed in the Table below. Optical power, required for measuring source power, receiver power and, when used with a test source, loss or attenuation, is the most important parameter and is required for almost every fiber optic test. Backscatter and wavelength measurements are the next most important and bandwidth or dispersion are of lesser importance. Measurement or inspection of geometrical parameters of fiber are essential for fiber manufacturers. And troubleshooting installed cables and networks is required.


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Our Goal

Currently the company’s main business scope includes Networking Routers, GPON, EPON, ONU, ONT, OLT, EDFA, DWDM, switches, IPTV, Fiber Optic Tools and Test Equipment, Fiber Splicer, Fiber Patch Cords, passive devices and other productsthose are widely used in Broadband, radio and television cable network, triple play and safe urban security, road facilities, airports, ports, Securities industry, tourism scenic area, school education industry, public security law and politics, medical and health, intelligent community and large and medium-sized enterprises ect... We will make our all efforts to make you succeed and gain benefit from the cooperation with us, as the customers' success is our success. And through our joint efforts, continue to contribute to the development of human science and technology.

Company Team

John Smith

I have been working with optical fibers since 1990, the year in which Italy began to build the primary fiber optic network. Fibergate was founded from the personal desire to challenge myself and maximize my technical expertise in fiber optic connectivity field. My aim was to create a company that provides added value, and that’s always focused on the R&D of new products and solutions. We are in an important phase of our company’s history and we have a lot of projects in mind for the future


Fibergate is proof that commitment and determination always lead to a result. Both help me provide the best support in the shortest time, with a smile. Fibergate  is my greatest satisfaction: an ideal meeting place for anyone who wants to approach this world

Jaden William

Hola a todos! I have always had a great passion for sales and I consider myself enthusiastic, creative and helpful in all aspects of the work I do. More than simply a salesman, I always present myself as a consultant on hand, committed to guiding you through the best possible choices in order to meet and surpass your needs.

Charles Mark

I take care of logistics, procurement and of the balance between the demand and the incoming flows. My goal is to ensure that every product is always available in the shortest time possible. Solar and enthusiastic, I'm always ready to help for any need.